1. Frankie Valli

Played at 10:31 am

Grease by Frankie Valli $1.29 on iTunes

2. The Guess Who
No Time

Played at 10:27 am

No Time by The Guess Who $1.29 on iTunes

3. Paul Simon
Mother And Child Reunion

Played at 10:25 am

Mother and Child Reunion by Paul Simon $1.29 on iTunes

4. Grand Funk Railroad
Bad Time

Played at 10:15 am

Bad Time by Grand Funk Railroad $1.29 on iTunes

5. The Archies
Sugar, Sugar

Played at 10:12 am

Sugar Sugar by The Archies $0.99 on iTunes

6. The Police
Every Breath You Take

Played at 10:08 am

Every Breath You Take by The Police $1.29 on iTunes